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The First Time is Always the Hardest

September 5: A few hours ago, anxious as heck, I sat in the parking lot at my local gym, waiting. On a whim I signed up for a membership last week with some friends and tonight was my first time visiting said gym. We were taking a 30 minute #HIIT class and while I was excited to try it, I was crippled with fear and anxiety. I’m the heaviest I’ve ever been. My belly gets in the way of everything. I’m not bendy in any way. Like at all! And, I have hip issues. I hate being watched.  My anxiety made me get to the gym 40 minutes early. Scared I’d be late. Scared to show up after the class started. Everyone looking at me. So I sat in the car waiting. Fretting. Beating myself up for letting myself “go” all these years. If I had stayed in shape, I wouldn’t be scared I’d throw up in front of everyone. I fretted until the very last minute before the class started. But knowing I had a friend waiting and counting on me made me move my butt out of that car. Inside the gym, I swipe my pass and I can

Exploring Historic Grimsby Beach

A couple of weeks ago I took the kids on another little adventure. I stumbled on this blog post from In Search of Sarah about these fabulous colourful houses in a town not too far from where I live. 

I packed up the kids and recruited my parents to come with us. We've lived in this area for decades and never knew this little historical area existed. So, I had to share the cuteness with them. 

I won't pretend to be a historian and tell you all the amazing things about these houses but suffice to say, they were just as cute in person as they are in the pictures. 

You can learn more about these houses here:

I LOVED the colour of this home and it was just as fresh looking in person as it is in the photo.

This home was stunning in person, the picture doesn't do it justice. 

The kids wanted to sit on these stools so bad but I wouldn't let them! I had to remind them we were the too look not touch. But I'm not going to lie, I would have loved to have a seat at this super cute tiki bar with a cold drink in my hand!

The artwork and decorative touches on some of these homes were just amazing and so cute. I couldn't resist snapping a few shots of this "Just Breathe" sign. And what a fitting reminder to just stop and breathe while we're still navigating through this pandemic. COVID-19, I'm over you. You can go away now!

We finished the day with a home cooked meal (kids helped Nonna make dinner), a family UNO game, and night swimming. Who says you can't have fun during COVID-19?

What have you been doing to keep busy?


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