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Weekend Adventures, Pre-teen Attitude and Meal Prep for the Week

Took the kids to Canada’s Wonderland last weekend on a whim, and took advantage of our season passes and the 19-degree fall weather. The day started off rocky with my pre-teen son being in a moooooood. But by the end, everyone pulled through and we finished the day strong with a few rides and funnel cakes!  We're excited to go back and experience Halloween Haunt in a few weeks! This coming week will be busy so I've pre-tracked some meals in my WW app to keep me on track.  A few things I prepped for easy grab-and-go meals: I made some WW Vegetable Soup. Baked some portobello mushrooms for a meatless main dish.  Made some hard-boiled eggs. Cooked some quinoa and chopped veggies to make some quick salads. Washed and chopped lettuce, cucumbers and peppers for easy meals and snacks. What's on your to-do list this week? On our favourite ride!

Battle of the Instant Pot Continues

Every year, when the weather gets cooler I dig out my Instant Pot and try to embrace the process of pressure cooking a meal. It almost always leaves me in a panic: is it heating up? Is it pressurizing? Why is there steam coming out of the red bubble thingy? So many questions, no one to answer them! 🤬 

So here I sit, another season of having a love-hate relationship with this machine that takes up way too much space on my counter and in my cupboards (hence why it’s been banished to the basement with all the other “amazing” kitchen appliances we’ve collected over the years).

And even if I’m not really sure if I used it correctly, my soup did cook, no one got food poisoning, and our bellies are full thanks to another tasty @skinnytaste recipe! Turkey cheeseburger soup for the win. And bonus, it was only 4 personal points for me…so I had two bowls of it. 🤷‍♀️


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